The Czech Republic is famous for beer production and consumption. Czech brewing has a long history and it’s beer is among the best. Pivo, the Czech word for beer, literally means a drink that is commonly and widely consumed. It is probable that the Czechs took to beer thanks to the region’s favorable conditions for growing hops. This tradition began in 993.

The best known Czech beer is the original Pils beer, Pilsner Urquell, brewed in the town of Plzen and exported worldwide.The most widely exported Czech beer is Budejovicky Budvar (Original Czech Budweiser, in USA caller Czechvar), which shares its name with the popular American brew.

Czech beer is also popular abroad, for obvious reasons. Czechs have been known to produce excellent beer since time immemorial. Beer recipes have been continually refined over the centuries and the methodology and procedures used in brewing are constantly being perfected.

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